Moonlight Prowl: Friday, April 29th

Moonlight Prowl.2016.04.29

What’s a Prowl? The Moonlight Prowl is a nighttime walking tour packed with anecdotes of student life, campus architecture, and UT history. With content drawn from newspaper accounts, memoirs, and the UT archives, the Prowl is intended to help personalize the University, explore its history, and have some fun.


Do I need to RSVP? An RSVP is appreciated but not required. You can RSVP via Facebook event here or send me a message here.

Where do we meet? We’ll gather on the Main Mall in front of the UT Tower.

Prowl.B Hall.When does the tour begin? The Traditionally, the Prowl begins at 8 p.m. when the Tower bells peel their last for the day.

How long is the Prowl? The Prowl is a 1 1/2 – 2 hour walking tour, with “sit-down” stops along the way.

Photo above: Prowlers gathered on the East Mall steps to hear about the student antics in old B. Hall, the University’s first men’s dorm, where The Eyes of Texas was written.

Can anyone attend? Everyone is welcome. But parents who want to bring small children are cautioned that the wee ones generally get bored quickly, and want to either race down the South Mall or jump into Littlefield Fountain. Parents wind up chasing after their future Olympians and miss out on the tour.

Is there a prerequisite? Lots of UT courses have prerequisites – why not the Prowl? To attend the tour, all Moonlight Prowlers must be able to point to the UT Tower and say, “That’s the UT Tower.”

Prowl.Waggener Hall.What if it rains? If at all possible, the Prowl will go on rain or (moon)shine. Some of the best Prowls have taken place under a steady sprinkle. If it’s raining, bring umbrellas and we’ll adjust the tour stops to be mostly indoors. If there’s a severe storm at Prowltime, or one is imminent, we’ll look at rescheduling.

Photo above right: Moonlight Prowlers learn about the symbolism behind the ornamentation on campus buildings.

Do I need to bring a flashlight? Nope. I’ll bring the Official Prowl Flashlight, known around NASA as the “OPF.”

Is this an “official” UT program? No, the Moonlight Prowl is not sponsored by the University of Texas. Think of it as a hobby that’s gotten out of control. I enjoy learning about the University’s history and sharing what I’ve discovered, and conduct the tour as a volunteer.

Prowl Links:

Austin Chronicle.Best of Austin 2000This will be Prowl number 621! A little history about the first tour is here.

The Daily Texan covered the 500th Prowl here.

In 2000, the Moonlight Prowl was a “Best of Austin” choice in the Austin Chronicle here.


See you on April 29th!


Prowl List


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