UT Traditions

College traditions help to shape a campus culture and create a unique university identity. And sometimes are just plain fun!  Here you’ll find an expanding list of the stories behind many University of Texas traditions.

Bevo – The story of UT’s first longhorn mascot.

Orange and White – How did the University choose its colors?

The Eyes of Texas – The University’s official song was initially written as a spoof on UT President William Prather – CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED

Hook ’em Horns Hand Sign – Perhaps the most recognized collegiate hand signal on the planet was introduced at a football rally in 1955.

Pig Bellmont – Before Bevo, the University’s first live mascot was a tan and white dog named “Pig.”

UT Yells and Cheers – In the early days of UT, students yelled more than just, “Texas!! Fight!!” Here’s a list of popular yells from the 1890s to the 1950s, and the history behind the first, called the ‘Varsity Yell.

The University of Texas Seal –  It’s seen everywhere on campus. Here you’ll find the history behind the design, and the symbolic meaning, of the UT seal.

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