Please note: This is not an official publication of the University of Texas. The writings and opinions on the site are my own. Think of this as a hobby that’s gotten out of control.

“…what is a university? Like any living thing, an academic institution is comprehensible only in terms of its history.” – James Conant, President of Harvard, 1933 – 1953

Welcome to the UT History Corner, a place to explore the past of the University of Texas. The history of UT has long been an interest of mine and I enjoy sharing what I’ve discovered. As this site develops, you’ll find:

  • Home: A UT history blog on topics both serious and fun.
  • Traditions: Stories behind the best-known (and not so well-known) UT traditions.
  • Images: An expanding collection of old photos, postcards, and ephemera.
  • Audio: Digitized recordings of concerts, songs, and speeches that are a part of the University’s history.
  • Resources: Several compiled lists of links to other UT history-related sites, biographies of individuals connected to the University’s history, and resources for those who’d like to research on their own.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Happy exploring!


Jim Nicar, The UT History Corner

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